About Anous.nl

This weblog includes information on a wide range of topics. It contains thoughts, observations, and links to other places of interest.

Many of the articles here are written from an anthropological perspective. I have studied Cultural Athropology in Amsterdam and specialised in processes of identity and the region of the Russian Federation. You can find several of my old articles and excerpts of articles written by others. Please keep in mind that they have been written by a masters student and have not been revised since.

In my working life, I became interested in learning, knowledge management, PME, Quality management, development aid (or international cooperation), and technologies that support these. Personally, I much enjoy reading books of fiction, especially those which show a critical point of view on contemporary society. And the list of interests will continue to expand as time will pass. You will find many different musings here.

Needless to say, all writing here is on a personal account. Although all is influenced by different organisations, they are only to blame for their own content and their inspiration.

Anous | Tuesday 26 January 2016 - 10:24 pm